Food Art Friday – Roast Chicken

In early February of 2007 The Project Room at CSUF Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana showed PICTURES OF THE GONE WORLD: FROM THE COLLECTION OF LONG GONE JOHN just before Long Gone John up and left the smog and his home in Long Beach, California to Olympia, Washington.  Some friends and I drove down see some of John’s incredible collection housed in this cool space.  Having fumbled up steps lined with gnomes and gawked at his incredible art collection in his home it would be fun to see everything lit up with lights in a museum setting.

After the show we grabbed something to eat (something not memorable) right next to the gallery.  My friend Shane Geil popped by and handed my husband a brown cardboard box and looked at me and winked.  A gift for me?  Dov said he was planning on giving me this for Valentine’s Day, but he handed it over.  I opened the box and pulled out a plastic rotisserie chicken container like you would find the grocery store hot case.  And inside the plastic, a plush roast chicken.  I couldn’t stop laughing!

The Roast Chicken by Shane Geil

The Roast Chicken by Shane Geil

Shane made this chicken for me.  Through his company, Purple Flavor he has made both handmade plush items and mass produced items including his hit toy Hello Maggot.

Kisses to you Shane!! xoxo